Tras las huellas del pasado; Mosaico de historia de Puerto Rico (siglos XIX y XX)

San Juan: Isla Negra Editores, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Humacao, (Col. Visiones y Cegueras), 2000. first edition. Paperback. 177p., notes, chronology. Near Fine in Wraps. Item #9056
ISBN: 188171537X

This Anthology is constituted by six historical essays that a group of professors of the Department of Humanities of the University Campus of Humacao of the University of Puerto Rico have written and compiled for publication. It is an effort of our faculty to contribute to the best study and knowledge of the history of Puerto Rico. These are areas of study in which we have specialized and in which we continue to work. This book includes the works of: José Manuel García Leduc: "Social, political and economic projection of the Church and the Catholic clergy of Puerto Rico in the first half of the 19th century: outstanding aspects"; Luis Pío Sánchez Longo: "Monsignor William Jones: a man in the service of God or of Caesar?"; Pablo García Colón: "Amparo forestal, desamparo campesino: estatización de los bosques en Puerto Rico: 1866-1876"; Gerardo M. Piñero Cádiz: "The North American Hegemony in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico"; Cruz Miguel Ortiz Cuadra: "The cinderella of the house: the kitchen as a work space, 1900-1933"; and Carlos Rojas Osorio: "Albizu Campos: a political conception of the world". This orientation of the past as a memory for the foundations of today, or the recomposition of the traces of the historical continuum, is the horizon that guides this group of intellectuals.

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