El límite volcado; Antología de la Generación de Poetas de los Ochenta

San Juan: Isla Negra, (Col. Josemilio González.), 2000. first edition. Paperback. 174p., notes, biblio. Very Good. Item #9055
ISBN: 1881715698

This Anthology of Poets of the Eighties is an attempt to open a debate long silenced in Puerto Rican literature. On the one hand, before the Generation of poets of 1960, true teacher in the world of literature of commitment to the word and action. On the other hand, with the Generation of 1970 that has been the link between them and us. The Generation of '80 is, therefore, the image of a mature poetic work and a creative testimony that awaits answers. The invitation to evaluate the continuities between that immediate past and the 1980 should not prevent us from being able to accept the distances, chasms and ruptures that, as children of immediate history, transform our language into an open and volatile challenge will to do. This Anthology is a very representative sample of that other poetry that until now was unknown to many. Wanda Cosme - Díalogo The volume is an opportunity to open the reflection on the continuities in the poetry of Puerto Rico from the evaluation of a group of the most representative authors of the generation of the 80s, full of echoes and epochal ruptures, but also marked by undoubted aesthetic successes and an enviable intention to transcend. Luis Beiro - El Listín Diario The anthologists have achieved with this anthology of the generation of 80 put in the hands of the reader an extraordinary work. Nelson del Castillo - Primera Hora Anthology needed for the historical Puerto Rican moment in which it is produced, because it comes to give body and form of book to a group of voices that began their creative production in a decade of serious descents or political and social questions that came curdling much earlier.

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