Tango post 2001: Estallido social y nuevas poéticas

Buenos Aires: Ediciones del CCC Centro Cultural de la Cooperación Floreal Gorini, 2023. First Edition. Paperback. 184p., photos, bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #83888
ISBN: 9789873920721

In "Tango post 2001" there are data and reflections that help us not only to draw a detailed map of the tango lyrics born on the rubble of the crisis with which our country entered the new century, but also to visualize certain turn-of-the-century poetic links that united – perhaps fragilely, it is true, and in contact with other poetics – the years of “The Last Café” with those of “Milonga en luto”.
A book like this proves valuable in more ways than one. On the one hand, it provides rigorous information about the present of a genre of song that always appears to us as tradition in the most passive sense of the term. But, at the same time, this essay by Matías Mauricio – himself, as a lyricist and poet, an inalienable part of this story – functions as witness evidence of a creativity that perhaps we had not noticed enough, as dedicated as we were to celebrating other forms. of urban culture in recent years.

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