El libro en Nueva España

Ciudad de Mexico: Secretaría de Cultura, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Colección Historia, Serie Enlace), 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 350p., tables, graphics, bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #83758
ISBN: 9786075397016

In New Spain there was, from its beginnings, not only circulation of books and oral transmission of its content, but also production that was constantly increasing. We have abundant testimonies of them in documents and copies in archives and libraries inside and outside the country. They were books printed in the New Spain viceroyalty since 1539 and mainly publications from Europe. Among the latter, from incunabula (in the cradle), works from the second half of the 15th century, so called because they were the first of this type. Thus, this viceroyalty actively participated in the dissemination and production of printed matter. It also opened a world of thematic possibilities in response to the needs of knowing and disseminating the ancestral culture and nature of these lands among the people of New Spain and interested readers from different parts of the world.

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