Gabinete de la posibilidad

Madrid: Comisura, 2023. First Edition. Paperback. 128p., photos, wrps. New. Item #83661
ISBN: 9788409535330

"Gabinete de la Posibilidad" is a book that addresses the possibility of transforming through unpublished stories and archival photography.

If the first Cabinets of Curiosities allowed anyone to approach the unusual (exotic stuffed animals, exuberant jewelry, skulls) from a room, the Cabinet of Possibility explores the possibility from a book composed of six unpublished stories and six photography files. to change, the power to become something else, to be different, to mutate. But... to change how? Where to? The fact that? Among the images we find everything from tetraedal kites designed a century ago by Alexander Graham Bell, to a group of blind children learning to see through their hands, women fighting a duel, a staged manual for being the perfect housewife or little pigs very far from their animal condition.

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