Religiosidades, devociones y corporativismo en México

Zinacantepec: Estado de México, El ColegioMexiquense, 2023. First Edition. Paperback. 335p., maps, facsimiles, illus., bibl., wrps. New. Item #83646
ISBN: 9786078836536

This book brings together eleven contributions from the participants in the Saints, Devotions and Identities Seminar. The promotion of interdisciplinary dialogue has been one of the characteristics of this seminar since its foundation in 2016. In this space for reflection, voices from History, Anthropology, Sociology, Ethnohistory and Art History
have gathered to address a common concern: how religiosity has been configured and transformed in our country from the period of Indo-Hispanic contact to the present. The answers offered so far have been multiple and heterogeneous, depending on the object of study, the way in which the problem is posed, the methodology applied in its analysis, and, of course, the theoretical approach from which it is viewed; However, we have come to the conviction that, in the case of our country, devotion to the saints constitutes a key point and at the same time is a starting point for the global understanding of the religious phenomenon. For this reason, the majority of those who have participated in the seminar and have signed with their pens a chapter of the books already published under this line of research, do not hesitate to scrutinize the content of the apparently already distant and distant Tridentine agreements.

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