Todo lo que de mueve

Madrid: Comisura, 2023. Second Edition. Paperback. 174p.,maps, photos, illus., wrps. new. Item #83611
ISBN: 9788409453207

The texts and images gathered in “Todo lo que se mueve” are the result of displacement -- author Valerie Mata's peripatetic lifestyle. The work, accordingly, is a mix of portable, wandering, and fragmentary writings, which intersect to weave a network, of which movement is the center. It also explores how writing itself is movement: abandoning oneself to an uncertain drift. Throughout this set of short essays, notes, memories, reflections, diary entries, poems and quotes, Mata asks herself, "What is the critical power of travel? What do we understand when we think about the idea of home? Is it necessary to have roots? What can nomadism mean? And what forms can an itinerant lifestyle or tourism take?"

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