Luchas emancipadoras en América Latina

Ciudad de México: Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México, 2023. First Edition. Paperback. 605p., wrps. New. Item #83135
ISBN: 9786077373964

At the time of the bicentennial of the first emancipation of the peoples today called Latin America, it is worth rethinking the conditions under which we have built the conditions of our historical present. The texts in this book go in that direction, aimed at reflecting on our subcontinent as a whole. [...] This Latin America that dreams and acts, where minorities have begun to appear on the stage; where social movements are permanently expressed in the social, cultural and political spheres; where the alternative flourishes both in society, at a micro and everyday level, and in the State, at a macrosocial and structural level; where the disasters produced by capitalist privatization in a neoliberal version are slowly stagnated by proliferating and transformative wills—not always convergent, of course—, is the ground from which the bicentennial challenges us. This time, thinking not only from a supposed or real "Argentine exception" in America (as a century ago), but from the community of societies and nations that we make up, in the awareness of our common continental historical destiny. Common destiny that does not imply an identity that denies national or regional, ethnic or linguistic specificities, but rather the opposite: a Latin America as a flowering of differences and alterities, as a polyphony of multiple voices and styles, as a plural space for the constitution of thoughts and of actions. That which is one in its internal heterogeneity, which can be recognized in its common space from the substrate of diversity and multiformity.

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