Todas las nubes son relojes

Viña del Mar: Mundana Ediciones, 2023. First Edition. Paperback. 53p., wrps. New. Item #82564

Original Title: Tous les Nuages sont des Horologes? Tutte le Nuvole sono Orologi

"Todas las Nubes son Relojes" was originally written in French and published in Italian in 1991 in the city of Bologna. Signed with the pseudonym Eiryo Waga –perhaps a character of the Japanese novelist Seicho Matsumoto–, it displays a true poetics of the use of objects in cinema, as well as a beautiful theory of narrative construction and its criminal relationship with images.
Resorting to the games, illusions and displacements to which we are accustomed, Raúl Ruiz revisits with maximum freedom and wonder Karl Popper's famous lecture on the dichotomy between regular systems (clocks) and highly unpredictable ones (clouds). He leans, of course, towards a very unique determinism that is not afraid to combine art, magic and chance.

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