Carmela y la Alborada. Investigación tipográfoca en torno a la Alborada, primer periódico obrero feminista de Chile (1905-1907)

Santiago de Chile: Ocho Libros Editores, Editiones Fulgor, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 139p., illus., facsimiles, bibl., wrps. New. Item #82324
ISBN: 9789560940728

A young working typographer with anarchist tendencies and socialist roots, also a writer, above all a fighting woman: Carmela Jeria Gómez, founded with only 19 years, the first feminist workers' newspaper in Chile: La Alborada, which began to circulate in September 1905 and for two long years withstood the most inclement adversities: condescension of peers and deceit, bitterness and recrimination of adversaries, machismo on one side and another, scarcity and repression, losses of all kinds, even a catastrophic earthquake. Contemplating the typography and approaching it - from the anatomy to its content - is a different way of accessing the stories behind the document. This publication proposes you observe the past through the printed letter to understand that in ink and paper, the culture of the historical moment in which the blade was conceived is also permeated. Thus, even though Carmela and La Alborada have been erased, today they are present to provide light and strength to struggles that are still alive.

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