Látigo versus luma. Herramientas feministas para intervenir la literatura

Santiago de Chile: Editorial Oxímoron, 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 108p., bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #82323
ISBN: 9789569498480

Solvent, corrosive: this is the substance with which this book intends to undo the constructs of the cultural system of which literature is a part, already arguing against the sectorial cutback that relegates it to a subcircuit of the public space when what they deserve is the fiction and the enjoyment of the letter is to spread throughout the community as an imaginative power. The transfeminist pulse of Mónica-Ramón Ríos starts by pouring her acids against the patriarchal device that binaryly regulates (masculine / feminine) the use of bodies, regulating their properties and attributions to opt, in exchange, for identities and genders with diffuse borders that they experience in its becomings with free interpretation. Whip versus luma plays with the mislocations, inviting -also feminism- to let the unforeseen break with the academic and institutional typecasting of difference. This essay (uninhibited, playful, storytelling, joyful, perverse) slips into the borders of the post-autonomy of the literary, where the categories of author, work, style, signature have been relativized due to the erosion of the borders that were previously highlighted. the specificity of a task auratized by selective criteria of authority. Taking into account the mixtures between the political, the economic and the cultural. Ríos repositions the literary in the vast scope of everything that goes beyond the textuality of the page: the book industry, publishing machines, media broadcast networks, critics' labels, etc. The way in which he deals with the question of “value” in this promiscuous world of aesthetic devaluation of literature and overvaluation of a cultural market based on competitions and transactions whose masculine pacts especially disadvantage already precarious literary workers is strategic. Assuming neoliberal hypercapitalism as a theater of operations, Ríos fantasizes with the dominatrix pose (“bringing the whip”) to correct his flawed political economy of signs and the serial uniformity of his chains of equivalence, exalting -as an intensive reversal- the prodigious capacity that literature has to invent worlds of singular experiences that expand without limits or ties.

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