El cine de Pasolini. En los extramuros de la historia

Lima: Fondo Editorial, 2023. First Edition. Paperback. 350p., bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #82305
ISBN: 9789972456145

For Isaac León Frías, editor of this volume, Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1922-1975), one hundred years after his birth and almost fifty years after his tragic death, continues to be our contemporary. Poet, narrator and essayist -as well as a screenwriter, painter and opinion columnist-, Pasolini was a rare bird, both committed and dissident and, perhaps for that very reason, a critical voice and conscience of his country and his time. And, despite the fact that he would only start directing at the edge of forty, he would bequeath us a brilliant and controversial filmography. The texts that make up El cine de Pasolini are about it . On the outskirts of history.

These different approaches to Pasolini's cinema offer panoramic views that go through his entire production, specific essays on his most important films, approaches to his shorts and documentaries, as well as inquiries about his influence on the film production of the last half century. As the readers will be able to verify, each one of these contributions allows us to verify how, despite the passage of time, the cinema of Pier Paolo Pasolini still challenges us.

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