1951. Historia y mitos de Eva Duarte y el peronismo

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires: Grupo Editorial Sur, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 233p., photos, indices, wrps. New. Item #82230
ISBN: 9789874846150

"1951. History and Myths of Eva Duarte and Peronism". It allows the review of a historical moment that was marked by the importance of the vote for women in Argentina, achieved through militancy, struggle and the political will to demand what corresponds to us.
A year in which she considered herself pivotal and in which political, cultural, sports, economic and social events were relevant, generating the inauguration of processes that were considered key in history.
Why stop time and narrate it, cross parallels with a different and similar today?
Approaching such a unique moment in the past by looking at what happened over a single year also allows one to sharpen one's gaze, pay attention to the deeper relationships between the events and their protagonists, see closely the intersections, the networks , confluences and disagreements. Thus, observing certain connections that could be detected from a macro temporal perspective” , says the author.
Florencia Osuna, historian, researcher and teacher, narrates certain events with precision, establishes relationships between them, looks at the past, observes the world, is an invisible witness of a time in which she was not, but is made and makes us present.

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