El viajero y sus sombras. Francisco José. Francisco José de Caldas, 1790-1816. Popayán, Quito, Santafé

Bogotá: Editorial Planeta Colombiana, Universidad Externado de Colombia, Crítica, (Colección Pensar la Historia), 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 502p., wrps. New. Item #82208
ISBN: 9789584295699

Through what the author calls the history of the desire to know, in these pages the reader will find an examination of a small group of friends dedicated to Natural History, particularly Francisco José de Caldas. Far from the common place that has been made of the image of Caldas insofar as he has been represented as a patriot who fulfilled a destiny, what the reader will find here is an effort to show how the scientific activity and the texts of Caldas do not they can be understood except by their relationship with the society in which they lived. From a law professor to a merchant, and from a merchant to a researcher, in the latter case of natural sciences, the trajectory of Francisco José de Caldas shows us how he developed in a social environment that maintained its traditional structures and values, as a new figure of the modern individual.

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