Hablar y vivir en América

Ciudad de México: El Colegio Nacional, Universidad de los Andes: Centro Regional para el Fomento de Libro en América latina y el Caribe, 2023. First Edition. Paperback. 557p., color plates, illus., facsimiles, indices, wrps. New. Item #82200
ISBN: 9789587984668

From the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego, Latin America is the vastest territory that a human being can travel on foot speaking the same language: Spanish, the essential, inherent and identity heritage of around five hundred million people. This book deals with the history of this language in America between the 16th and 19th centuries: how it arrived across the sea and how it, together with the ships that made the crossing to the so-called new continent, shaped our ways of speaking. It deals with how Spanish, alone or, more often than not, in contact with numerous Amerindian languages, was a vehicle of communication for large human contingents, native Spanish speakers and also non-Spanish speakers, who built societies, cultures and ways of understanding the world. in short, all of life, in the Spanish language and they regulated their existence through it. Talking, as is well known, is a transversal and transdisciplinary activity that permeates and builds the daily life of any human being. The chapters of this book deal with the many ways of carrying out this transversal activity on this continent, of speaking and living in America.

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