Del caracazo a la Mane. Dos décadas de protestas y movimientos populares en los países andinos (1989-2011)

Bogotá: Universidad Santo Tomás, Ediciones USTA, 2023. First Edition. Paperback. 123p., tables, bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #82198
ISBN: 9789587825800

It is important to reflect on the two decades of resistance, challenge and offensive of the social movements against the regime that emerged in the Andean countries as a result of the double transition: the return to liberal democracy and the beginning of neoliberalism. That is the reflection that Alexander Gamba presents in this book, the result of his master's research at UNAM. The author wonders about the social actors, their organization and repertoires, as well as the sociopolitical process that the movements framed in the period 1989-2011. The author chooses for the analysis emblematic mobilizations that are carried out in the five Andean countries: the Caracazo of the popular neighborhoods in Venezuela, the indigenous uprisings in Ecuador, the water and gas wars in Bolivia, the territorial struggles in Peru, as well as the actions of indigenous people and students in Colombia, among many other significant mobilizations. Differentiate their demands because they question neoliberal policies, because of their democratic content and the claims of an ethnic nature.

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