La vida no es un ensayo

Bogotá: Luna Libros, 2022. First Edition. Hardcover. 220p., indices. New. Item #82049
ISBN: 9789588887395

Life is not an essay, it is a book about literature, and therefore about life itself, but it has a philosophical point of view based on what for me constitutes the essence of both: movement; and what in my opinion is the fundamental aspect of the movement: its continuity. The following pages are crossed by this idea of continuity, by this intuition of the creative movement and its immanent time, of life as a work in progress and emerging. Now, it is true that creative energy is based on the continuity of life, but it also depends on a rupture and a constant leap towards a new future that is not the simple repetition of the past. Releasing creative energy is precisely giving a “continuity solution” to the present, breaking the time line on the one hand and, on the other, giving it a new continuity.

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