Prender el Fuego. Nuevas poéticas del cuento latinoamericano

Bogotá: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Colombia (Obra Selecta), 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 323p., bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #82038
ISBN: 9789587948332

Faced with the anthology made for extraliterary conveniences that populates the academic world today, where the research topic is no more than a pretext, Penky the Aego Poetic moves of the Latin American short story restores prominence to the investigated phenomenon, betting on the authentic collective research, an endangered species in the academic field of our days. Through a coherent approach, product of sustained dialogue between young researchers, a current phenomenon, not yet systematized, is analyzed: the reformulation of the short story as a genre in contemporary Latin America. By putting the new poetics proposed by the selected storytellers in tension and in dialogue, which function as examples in the theoretical framework that is articulated, we realize, among all, the break with the most consecrated paradigm of the modern short story and, at the same time, time, of the survival of the genre, since the journey that this life goes through supposes ups and downs that make compatible what at first sight may seem exclusive: striking change, often spectacular, and the continuity of a living tradition.
It should not be forgotten that today the role of the short story in the process of renewing the Latin American narrative of the 20th century is being reassessed, since the most recent historiographical discourse recognizes in this genre the missing link that could correct the blur produced by the resounding boom , which would lead to the rewriting of an entire central chapter of Latin American literary history.

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