Cuaderno de enciso (CA. 1701). Manuscritos de Sor Francisca Josefa del Castillo. Homenaje a darío Avhury Valenzuela

Bogotá: Instituto Caro y Cuerno Legis (Serie Montes; VI), 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 232p., facsimiles, wrps. New. Item #82036
ISBN: 9789586114349

Bound and "organized" more than seventy years after the death of their author, the writings of Sister Francisca Josefa de la Concepción del Castillo y Guevara (1671-1742) began their journey towards publication in the 19th century, arousing enthusiasm and inclusion in early histories of Colombian literature. In the second half of the 20th century, the edition of her works was resumed by the liberal intellectual Darío Achury Valenzuela (1906-1999), co-founder of the Caro y Cuervo Institute.

Although in 1968 the Banco de la República published the Complete Works of Sor Francisca Josefa, edited by Darío Achury Valenzuela, the content of the so-called Cuaderno de Enciso was not included in the edition and had not been published until now. The Notebook is a book that was part of the accounting household of Mr. José de Enciso y Cárdenas. The clarisa from Tunja used the blank pages and half-used by Don José to record texts of his authorship or of his interest, which allow "forming a more exact idea about the peculiarity of his literary expression, the communicative and suggestive quality of their language, the surprising variety of their scriptural knowledge […]”.

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