Letras hechas a mano

Bogotá: Universidad de los Andes, Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño, Departamento de Diseño, Ediciones Uniandes, 2022. First Edition. Hardcover. 269p., color plates, photos, illus., facsimiles, bibl., indices, dustjackts. New. Item #82033
ISBN: 9789587981841

The letters that reveal the hand of the person who writes or draws them, understood as the medium that shapes our voice and that of others, are the essence of this book. Letras hechas a mano presents a historical and theoretical overview of teaching, learning, and the place that the letter has occupied —from its morphological essence to its communicative power— in the author's private life and in cultural and social spaces. This book includes two case studies of popular signage in Colombia and Brazil, which analyze the work of prominent artists in this trade and popular graphics in Latin America.

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