Poéticas que germinan entre la voz y la letra: Itinerarios de la palabra a partir de las obras de Hugo Jamioy Juagibioy y Anastasia Candre Yamacuri

Bogotá: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Colombia, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 399p.,photos, facsimiles, bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #82032
ISBN: 9789587948813

"Poéticas que Germinan Entre la voz y la Letra" challenges a hegemonic notion of culture, associated with the Enlightenment literary tradition. Taking some postulates of decolonial studies as theoretical references, as well as categories of Latin American literary and cultural criticism, a tour of the works of Hugo Jamioy Juagibioy and Anastasia Candre Yamacuri, two contemporary indigenous authors, was proposed. For this, a hermeneutic-literary exercise was carried out, complemented by an ethnographic and documentary approach to the sociocultural contexts of the authors. This reading unfolds from a conceptual, geographical, epistemological and ontological itinerary, in search of a non-hegemonic interpretative framework, in order to delve into the poetics of these authors. The creative exploration of Hugo Jamioy and Anastasia Candre Yamacuri alludes to the cultural practices of the original peoples with whom they identify, thereby making visible their own cultural niches, in the face of the majority society, manifesting, at the same time, their individualities. Thus, the study of these works entails the recognition of a fabric in which complex symbolic systems converge, linked to the verbal art of the Uitoto and Camënts̈á languages, and a literary commitment where subjectivities exposed to complex sociocultural tensions are redefined. . The analysis delves into the works of two authors whose texts express particular ways of interpreting the world, based on a complex exercise of bilingual writing and cultural translation in which a particular poetics emerges that goes beyond the borders of poetry. ¡gina and alphabetic writing.

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