Esclavitud y diáspora africana en ciudades rioplatenses: Población, familia y estrategias de movilidad social entre 1776 y 1860

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires: SB Editorial, 2023. First Edition. Paperback. 291p., maps, tables, graphics, bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #82012
ISBN: 9786316503091

Slavery and the African diaspora are important in Argentine history, although insufficiently known . For decades it was thought that they were phenomena too limited, remote and beyond the national context to trace their tracks or deserve systematic investigations, although there were valuable exceptions. Currently there are new historiographical emphasis (in social history, Atlantic history, demographic history), research from other disciplines and a growing public presence of Afro-descendant movements in the country and the region, together with a concurrent social curiosity.
This book aims to think about the African diaspora and slavery from a comparative perspective in cities and provinces of the Río de la Plata from the Viceroyalty to the abolition of slavery in 1853/60.. It is the result of an original and unprecedented collective project, which was developed from a network of researchers from various provinces and institutions. The results of the research are articulated here in two axes: one focused on socio-demographic aspects of slavery in the Río de la Plata; and another that focuses on trajectories of social integration of Afro-descendants from the River Plate.
Slavery and African diaspora in cities of the River Plate seeks to generate a long-term reflection on the historical forms of construction of otherness in the country and a situated knowledge on the forms of integration available and conquered by Africans and Afro-descendants. Unveiling these processes is essential to better understand the roots of the supposed disappearance of the African presence in Argentina and the ways in which invisibility was woven in the various provinces and regions.

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