La Viuda del molino

Popayán: Editorial Universidad del Cauca (Narrativa), 2023. First Edition. Paperback. 196p., wrps. new. Item #81974
ISBN: 9789587325959

October 1816. Spain has retaken control of the viceroyalty of New Granada and its armies are merciless against the patriots who participated in the revolt of 1810. While terror spreads through a territory where ideas languish before gunpowder, El Sabio, Francisco José de Caldas, invents a mechanical device, unique in its time, which serves to collect the testimonies of a world that is transformed before his eyes. This historical "thriller", oiled in the vapors of "steampunk", is a novel of intrigue and adventure that revolves around the fight for freedom and resistance in the context of the Latin American wars of independence. Hand in hand with an adolescent love and a Creole spy who is denied the right to die as a patriot - shot and haranguing the people -, Rubén Varona delves into the contradictions of a nation without memory. The historical reflections, the power of language and the succession of suspenseful scenes about a collapsing society make this an essential read.

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