Saberes tradicionales de mi territorio: Resguardo indígena de Puracé, Cauca

Bogotá: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, (Colección Obra Selecta), 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 69p., photos, illus., indices, wrps. new. Item #81966
ISBN: 9789587948424

Knowledge, in the plural, summons us to read and enjoy this primer. The process to carry it out and its final result constitute a meeting between the knowledge of the ancestral communities of Colombia, in this case the Kokonuco people, and the work carried out by cultural management professionals from the National University of Colombia, Headquarters. Manizales. Readers will find in these pages information on the indigenous cosmogony of the Cabildo Puracé and activities that invite them to think about history, gastronomy, traditional medicine, territory, daily practices, and cultural and artistic expressions. of this community.

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