La última guerra del Siglo de las Luces: Revolución Liberal y republicanismo popular en Ecuador

Quito: Editorial FLACSO Ecuador, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 417p., photos, bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #81724
ISBN: 9789978676202

Valeria Coronel captures in this book the political hotbed that germinated in Ecuador after the triumph of the Liberal Revolution led by Eloy Alfaro. She addresses how the different social forces were configured in the wake of the revolutionary campaign, as well as the discourses and strategies with which they defended their interests during the establishment of the liberal State, when this project went from arms to the construction of hegemony.

The author recreates the political climate of those years, marked by liberal promises of greater participation and fulfillment of rights for the population. In this scenario, the tensions within the radical liberalism, then ruling, soared, since this tendency sheltered both sectors of the elites and popular groups from all over the country.

Two themes stand out in this book: the liberal legal program and the political action of the peasantry, indigenous organizations and an urban popular sector that demanded access to land, effective participation and better living conditions. Valeria Coronel maintains that in this vertiginous period popular republicanism takes shape, a category that she develops in this work with powerful arguments.

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