Todavía no: Justicia, democracia y transición en América Latina

Bogotá: Editorial Pontifica Universidad Javeriana, Editorial Universidad del Rosario, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 270p., photos, tables, bibl., wrps. New. Item #81663
ISBN: 9786074866520

"Todavía No" questions why justice has not yet been possible in Latin American countries, which are facing new waves of amnesia, impunity, repression and violence, without the wounds of the past having yet been repaired. The chapters explore what have been the consequences of the transitional justice programmatic bets, beyond the limits of law and institutionality, to recognize the changes produced in the languages, practices, meanings, strategies, political repertoires and the life of people who, with a great capacity for creativity and resistance, yearn to overcome the violent past and achieve peace in their territories.

Latin America has become an extensive field of experimentation of transitional justice mechanisms, through numerous institutional bets aimed at clarifying the truth and guaranteeing the non-repetition of processes of massive violence and state repression. It still does not contribute to the empirical and reflective analysis of these experiences in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina and Nicaragua, problematizing conventional notions of the grammar and applicability of this transnational conflict management system in its encounter with deeply diverse local agendas and realities.

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