Breve historia de la esclavitud en el Perú. Una herida que no deja de sangrar.

Lima: Jurado Naciona de Elecciones, Dirección Nacional de Educación y Formación Cívica Ciudadana, Fondo Editorial, 2022. 2nd Edition. Paperback. 269p., illus., facsimiles,tables, indices, wrps. New. Item #81494
ISBN: 9786124453250

The Editorial Fund of the UNMSM and the National Elections Jury present the second edition of this important investigation by the historian Carlos Aguirre. In it, we can find an overview of slavery in Peru and its importance in the history of our country. In this sense, it explains how black slavery was normalized and legalized by a colonial system as a form of domination over that population. In addition, it highlights how the social hierarchy of that time is related to the way in which the Afro-Peruvian community is seen by society today.

Thus, the author focuses on the social aspect and the experiences of individuals who were slaves. Throughout the chapters, the characteristics of slavery are presented, its relationship with the economic activities that supported the Colony, as well as its development in both rural and urban areas. Likewise, it delves into the cultural and religious manifestations of the black population, which have been lately recognized by the officialdom and incorporated into Peruvian culture. With the same diligence, the researcher tells us about the struggles of the slave population to recover their freedom and, later, the abolition of slavery that was achieved despite the opposition of certain liberal sectors.

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