Perú: problema y posibilidad y otros ensayos

Lima: Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 658p., bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #81488
ISBN: 9786124256363

91 years after its first publication, Peru returns: problem and possibility and other essays, one of the fundamental works of one of the most prominent Peruvian historians and intellectuals, Jorge Basadre.

With a solid maturity, its pages expose the main ideas of his work on the Peruvian historical process, the political and cultural reality of Peru, as well as his concern for the course of our society. He reflects, in the same way, on the political struggle and the evolution of social classes during the Republic.

Added to this, the pages of Peru: problem and possibility and other essays analyze the ideas and works of great Peruvian thinkers, politicians and artists such as Manuel González Prada, Augusto B. Leguía, José Carlos Mariátegui, José María Eguren, among others. This definitive edition includes the unpublished texts of the second edition of 1978 and 1992, and has a prologue by the prominent historian Natalia Sobrevilla.

More current than ever, its pages thus become a stimulating and essential melting pot that will encourage public debate and illuminate the path of a troubled country towards a more just society.

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