De los nombres de Cristo. Edición y estudio de Javier San José Lera, Madrid, Real Academia Española-Espasa, 2023

Madrid: Real Academia Española - Espasa, Obra Social "La Caixa" 2023. First Edition. Hardcover. 1027p., wrps. New. Item #81324
ISBN: 9788467068719

De los nombres de Cristo tries to explain the essence of Jesus from or from his names , which the Scripture gives him in multiple passages. And build from them an entire cathedral that proclaims the essence of a Christian theology, a philosophia Christi , both Pauline and Augustinian.

The fiction is built in the form of a cult Renaissance dialogue of a Ciceronian nature in which three Augustinian friars intervene, two of them mature theologians of great letters, the other younger, restless and ingenious. Through it run a whole series of matters that make the work an authentic humanist summa , elevated to the category of artistic work by the cultivation of Romance prose, very careful since the beginnings of classical rhetoric. The knowledge of the Bible and its languages, the theological density of the reflections, the beauty and expressive intensity of the language make De los nombres de Cristo a true pinnacle of Renaissance literature.

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