Castillos de fuego

Barcelona: Editoiral Planeta, Seiz Barral, 2023. First Edition. Paperback. 698p., indices, wrps. New. Item #81296
ISBN: 9788432241680

Madrid, 1939-1945. Many struggle to get ahead in a city marked by hunger, penury and the black market. Like Eloy, a crippled young man who tries to save his imprisoned brother from death row; Alicia, a movie theater ticket saleswoman who loses her job for following her heart; Basilio, a university professor who is facing a purification process; the Falangist Matías, who traffics in confiscated objects, or Valentín, capable of any vileness in order to purge his previous militancy. Seamstresses, students, policemen: lives of ordinary people in extraordinary times. Fire castlesIt is a novel that contains more truth than many history books and that transmits the pulse of a time in which fear almost wiped out hope that naturally made its way through devastation. A time of reconstruction in which the war has ended only for a few but in which no one is safe, neither those who rose at the feet of the dictator nor those who fought to overthrow him.

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