Volver a Cuándo

Madrid: Ediciones Siruela, 2023. First Edition. Paperback. 241p., wrps. New. Item #81263
ISBN: 9788419419699

Life in the revolution was beautiful while it was a promise. Then came the failures, those of the country and their own. When Nina filed for a divorce from her, Camilo not only separated from her, but also from her daughter Elisa from her: either it was the three of them or they weren't. In 2018, while Camilo watches the crisis pass through the window, Nina is run over by it. Her father, the country and the revolution seem to have died at the same time. After Nina leaves for Brazil, leaving Elisa with her grandmother, Camilo reappears with a proposal for the girl. What for him is a desperate attempt to get his family back, for Nina is just an intimate replica of the national authoritarianism, the one he handles so well.
By means of an excellent command of the times, the action and the structure of the story through the various narrative voices, the novel adheres to the modern narrative inaugurated by Flaubert in Sentimental Education, where History was integrated into the conflict for the first time. protagonist's staff. With a colloquial writing of great musicality and highly suggestive expressive findings, Volver a cuando speaks, through the drama of a family affected by the social consequences of post-Chavismo, of how people's ideals and hopes survive —and under what conditions. in the minefield of reality.

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