Los sabores de la nación. Cocina e identidad en la Historia de Uruguay

Montevideo: Editiones de la Banda Oriental, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 315p., facsimiles, bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #81232
ISBN: 9789974112834

Are there traces of indigenous cultures in the cuisine of Uruguayans? Was carbonada with fruit perhaps the great national dish of Uruguay before barbecue? When and who wrote the first recipe books in the country? Have you ever wanted to invent a “Uruguayan cuisine”? Do contemporary chefs seek to build a new national identity with their dishes ?

With a rigorous style and an original look, accessible to all public and in consultation with all available bibliography and files- This research constitutes the deepest and most complete contribution in the field of food studies in Uruguay. Halfway between anthropology and history, he proposes us to read the process of construction of the national consciousness and the identity of the Uruguayans in a culinary key. Although the country's cuisine is not usually thought of as a central and constitutive element of nationalism, throughout its pages this book demonstrates the close relationship that has existed between cooking and the forging of "being national", as an incarnation of the most emblematic values and ideas of the Uruguayan identity.

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