Noah: Un judío rebelde. La red de Burgos

Montevideo: Grijalbo, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 221p., indices, wrps. New. Item #81230
ISBN: 9789915673073

A vivid and pulsating fresco from a key historical epoch for the world.
It is a tribute to the resistance and solidarity of those Jews who have been persecuted and fallen into disgrace.

In 1492 the Catholic Monarchs, led by Queen Isabella I, conquered Granada, evicting the Moors from the entire Iberian peninsula. In addition, the Castilian grammar is introduced throughout the kingdom of Castile and Aragon. As if that were not enough, Christopher Columbus reaches what was believed, at that time, to be the East Indies in a westward direction, proving that the Earth was round.
That was also the year in which the Jews were expelled from these kingdoms, with an edict issued by Torquemada forcing them to abandon the territories of the crown or convert to Catholicism.

Noah, a Jewish doctor who lives in Burgos, decides to set up a clandestine network to fight against the persecutions of Queen Elizabeth and save the lives of his countrymen. For this, he will join other collaborators, Jewish Jews, Marrano Jews or converts, Catholics, priests, gypsies and even the very young girls from the brothel, giving rise to situations and entanglements in which humor, action and sex are not lacking. This novel tells the story of how the network was created, which became the most important conspiracy in the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon at that time.

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