Julio María Sanguinetti. Ante el tribunal de la historia

Montevideo: Editorial Planeta, Memoria Uruguay, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 355p., facsimiles, indices, wrps. New. Item #81220
ISBN: 9789915668840

Faced with a man who places Cuba, Fidel and Che "at the beginning" of the fall of Uruguayan institutions, it is inescapable to wonder where he was in those years and what he did to sustain -or leave fall ”to those institutions as Minister of Industry and Commerce, first, as Minister of Education and Culture, later, and as one of the key leaders of the Colorado Party. The dilemma of the recent history of Uruguay is not between memory and oblivion, but between truth and lies. And it is not a matter of interpretation: the mere facts show that Sanguinetti believed in the preponderant role of the Armed Forces, and even in December 1972 ”two months before the famous bitter February the affirmed that between political power and In the military, there was "an identity of powers" for the defense of sovereignty, and that "with that spirit" the Armed Forces could "walk confident in their future, and just as they knew how to fight and triumph against sedition as well They will know how to collaborate with the country to achieve many national objectives.
To such an extent did it seem to him that there was an identity of powers that in August 1973, after Parliament had been dissolved and the State apparatus had been subjugated, he wrote in the Buenos Aires newspaper La Opinión that this was not the time to "judge", but to analyze, that perhaps Bordaberry could still find an economic course for the new situation.

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