Manual de ciencia ciudadana: Primeros pasos para actuar frente al cambio climático y la salud

Santa Maria: Editorial Unimagdalena, (Colección Ciencias Médicas y de Salud, Serie: Enfermería), 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 72p.,illus., tables, graphics, bibl., wrps. New. Item #81204
ISBN: 9789587464979

"Manual de Ciencia Ciudadana" focuses on recognizing the user/reader of the manual as a potentially scientific citizen, therefore, it invites them to use the proposed tools so that they are encouraged, from wherever they are, to generate local knowledge processes that help find solutions. commensurate with specific environments. The structure of the document in three chapters, climate change, health and climate change, and citizen science, makes it easy for the reader to advance step by step and safely in a process that starts from theoretical construction and ends in practice. . That is, it starts from the premise that there is no better practice than a good theory. In this sense, the theory, as an abstraction from reality, is based on elaborating definitions based on what is known today and is known to end up guiding the task. A task focused on science to produce local knowledge that contributes to solving the impact of climate change on the health of all.

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