Umbrales de la memoria y la desaparición: estudios sobre Colombia y México

Bogota: Editorial Universidad del Rosario, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 201p., photos, bibl., wrps. New. Item #81201
ISBN: 9789587849004

"Umbrales de la Memoria y la Desaparición" presents the result of several years of reflections and interdisciplinary exchanges. The Permanent Seminar on Violence(s) and DD. HH., from the Department of History of the Universidad Iberoamericana, developed for more than five years, has served as a niche for this exchange and has facilitated the incorporation of other initiatives and independent research by members of the group. In order to understand what is meant by violence and what its most severe manifestations are in our Latin American contexts, on this occasion we approach case studies that have helped us understand the dimension and diversity of the associated phenomena. . This also meant addressing the implications of research on and in contexts of violence, to which we specifically refer in the first chapter. We start from recognizing the need to discuss approaches that offer us a broad map of interpretation of phenomena associated with violence, to overcome that commonplace, according to which all phenomena are the result of the internal armed conflict —in the case of Colombia†—and the war against drug trafficking —in the case of Mexico. The identification of the particularities of the phenomena, the exhaustive examination of the cases, the context located in coordinates of time and place, the recognition of actors and actions, among other factors, have been present in this construction.

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