Patrimonio arqueológico y pueblos indígenas en el norte de Colombia: De vuelta al paisaje de los ancestros

Santa Maria: Editorial Unimagdalena (Humanidades y Artes, Arqueología), 2022. Paperback. 330p., maps, photos, bibl., wrps. New. Item #81194
ISBN: 9789587465181

"Patrimonio Arqueológico y Pueblos Indígenas en el Norte de Colombia" is a novel, critical and updated proposal that invites us to reconsider certain postulates about the archeology of northern Colombia. The author, based on his experience as an archeology ethnographer, makes an analysis of the conflicts inherent to the regional archaeological heritage, given the existence of various ontologies that determine visions and particularities about so-called archaeological materials. To make this critical balance, the book recounts how regional archaeological narratives arose, what were the relationships of these narratives with historical determinants, and how said narratives are questioned by various ethnic actors who share another vision of regional history. The book does not echo a vision of multiple histories, but shows how, on local visions, a global narrative prevailed. In addition to this, the local indigenous vision of what in archeology is known as the archaeological record is described in depth, and it provides tools to understand those meanings about those materialities. The reading of the work allows an entrance to what are considered critical debates of decolonial archaeologies or indigenous or community archaeologies.

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