América Latina: Ciclos socioeconómicos y políticos, 1990-2020

Bogotá: Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javerlana, 2020. First Edition. Paperback. 684p., tables, graphics, bibl., wrps. New. Item #81189
ISBN: 9789587816556

Between 2015 and 2020, Latin America has had to deal with the economic slowdown of neo-extractivist models, the stagnation in the reduction of poverty and inequality, the growing rivalry between the United States and China, in addition to the growing dissatisfaction of civil society with the promises of democracies -with frequent autocratic drifts-, which have been undermined by corruption or violence. With this recent past in mind, this book offers the contributions of twenty-three academics from various corners of the continent who identify socioeconomic and political cycles and intercycles, in order to understand the results and challenges of an unfinished regional modernization.

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