La Vida es una Tómbola de Noche y de Día

Lima: Ediciones Pichoncito, 2021. First Edition. Hardcover. 414p., photos, indices, wrps. New. Item #80853
ISBN: 9786124838347

We walk through life believing that we can control everything, convinced that all the answers are found on our little phones. We respect agendas, we organize itineraries, we comply with all the routines to the letter. And, suddenly, life appears (and its sarcasm). It takes away what we had, gives us back what we lost, presents us with the unexpected. Our pride is reduced in the face of the whims of chance. For this reason, stripped of any hint of
arrogance, we have written this book. Who knows if fate takes it as an offering and rewards us nicely: to the one who wrote it and to the one who will read it.

Price: $54.90

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