El tesoro: La aventura del presente, pasado y futuro del Perú

Callao: Rolando Arellano, 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 249p., illus., bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #80850
ISBN: 9786120064221

An adventure novel where the protagonist is the History of Peru.
Following the discovery of some ancient khipus, little Antu, his dog Misti and a diverse group of researchers join an adventure with the retired French professor Didier Latour to find a great treasure. With the help of a secret brotherhood, they talk with Guamán Poma de Ayala, La Perricholi, Ricardo Palma, José María Arguedas and with 21st century neighborhood leaders, among several other characters, seeking to find the answer to a great question:

What if history of Peru has not been the one we have always seen?

Is it true that a few Spaniards were the ones who conquered the Inca empire? That if the English had conquered us, we would be a much more developed country? That with the independence of 1821 all Peruvians were free and equal? What do we accept without resistance to the occupation of the War of the Pacific? That the invasions of the peripheries of Lima and other big cities were a tragedy for everyone?

A novel where adventurers find that the history of Peru from Caral, the oldest city in America, is full of glorious moments and heroic acts by civilians and soldiers, men and many women, sometimes forgotten. And he points out that our great miscegenations constitute the basis of a future where, as in the myth of Inkarri, all its inhabitants come together to grow together.

Written adventure for all Peruvians, especially young people of age and spirit, to share and comment. And so that they are inspired to continue searching for the great treasure of Peru, making it grow for the generations that follow.

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