Fabulas en Quechua. Selección y adaptación de fábulas de Adolfo Vienrich y Mariano Melgar.

Lima: Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, Beascoa, 2022. First Edition. Hardcover. 31p., illus., wrps. New. Item #80849
ISBN: 9786124305801

Ilustrado por Christian Ayuni
Children's literature in Peru is distinguished by the wealth of its myths, legends, poems and stories; however, little is known about the wonderful fables that are part of our tradition. In this illustrated bilingual edition we present a selection of fables written by two masters of Peruvian literature.
Adolfo Vienrich (Lima, 1867) was a passionate student of Peruvian folklore who published Quechua Fables in 1906, a book that rescues various stories from the oral tradition.
Mariano Melgar (Arequipa, 1790) was not only a great poet, but also a stupendous fabulist who left us, among others, two beautiful rhymed fables that are included in this volume.
A beautifully illustrated book ideal for introducing children to the great Peruvian classics.

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