De escritoras a escritoras: Ensayos criticos sobre autoras ecuatorianas

Quito: Centro de Publicaciones (Colección Ensayo Literario), 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 228p., wrps. New. Item #80712
ISBN: 9789978776087

The theoretical criticism plays a fundamental role in the formation processes of the literary canon. In this sense, this compilation of academic articles written by women about Ecuadorian writers seeks to pave the way to leave a trace of the presence and existence of these authors, both those who write and those who are the object of writing. It is the indispensable gesture of Product Details to return to see, to question the exclusions of the past and the present, and, above all, to propose new perspectives and actors. It is a critical gesture that does not want to define new canons, that would be to fall into the same practices, but to make them more flexible, to open up the concept of literature to make it more democratic.

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