Nadie nos vio partir

Ciudad De Mexico: Alfaguara, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, 2022. Fourth Edition. Paperback. 210p., wrps. New. Item #80651
ISBN: 9786073191043

Passion is not wrong, but sometimes it goes astray. For revenge against his wife, a man kidnaps his children and flees with them to different countries. Thus begins a war between two powerful familieswho exercise their authority and wealth to the last consequences. For a five-year-old girl, it is difficult to understand that her life is shaken by a whirlwind of love and hate, revenge and protection, imperious truths and yet opposites: hate the one she loves the most, trust the one who has lied to her. In this new existence, she will try to understand that there are loves that have no remedy, that there are lives that are not normal, that there are hates that have no escape valve, and that the only absolute truth is that unconditional love is full of conditions.

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