Los años sabandijas

Ciudad de México: Alfaguara, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 483p., wrps. New. Item #80590
ISBN: 9786073821179

"Los Años Sabandijas" is the story of a great friendship. Both Rubén (El Ruby) and Lamberto (El Roxy) are close friends of the foreign and are in a hurry to devour Mexico City to the rhythm of The Clash. It's the eighties. There are no cell phones, cameras on the streets or text messages. The world is so free today that there is no shortage of rascals eager to twist it to their advantage. And banditry abounds to such an extent that trusting your shadow is a risk that can be expensive.
The vermin years crosses the decade from end to end, among a whole cast of rogues, beauties, thugs, strippers, heirs, transvestites, vedettes.
pickpockets, socialites, devotees and financial outlaws: the city fauna that roams these pages like a wild flight, with greed on their backs and loot in the air. A novel full of adrenaline, vertigo and mischief, where the purest soul teaches copper and each new day insists on being the least expected.

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