El verano de la serpiente

Ciudad de México: Alfaguara, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 135p., wrps. New. Item #80577
ISBN: 9786073802734

"El Verano de la Serpiente" is a story masterfully narrated from different perspectives that shape and shape each of the characters. In its pages, we witness the decisive moment in the life of a family, during the summer of 1977, which creeps unsettlingly, revealing the secrets that each one of them keeps.
At a traveling fair , Maricarmen, the older sister, will ask a snake girl to know her future: her answer will be cryptic and, therefore, terrifying. From there, their lives, and those around them, will zigzag between a royal boa that stalks the neighborhood and a ghostly woman.
A novel that dances between allegory and reality, in which Eudave takes us by the hand through the imagination or the certainties of two girls who are beginning to discover the world, and are approaching a decisive and disconcerting moment that will lead them to cross the threshold of childhood.

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