Donde las rimasopas Rimasopean

Toluca: Secretaría de Cultura y Turismo del Gobierno del Estado de México (Colección Lectores Niños y Jóvenes, 2022. First Edition. Hardcover. 97p., illus., indices, wrps. New. Item #80360
ISBN: 9786074903911

Illustraciones: Manuel Arturo Castregón Rodríguez

An umbrella leaves its ninety-nine companions to become a cane, a fountain, a rod... Will it return to Don Epu's closet? Waldo the squid's tentacle curls in an unusual tic; rushes to be on time to Vito's dream, who else will go to this party without a costume? Paula attends the mate class until the teacher's head becomes round, with spokes coming out of his nose and beginning to spin... He wants a bicycle! A nameless snail walks free through the forest, but its foot gets entangled in a red thread and its non-existent name gains weight and weighs it down! Can he finally name himself?
Luana can't see what her mother sees in the middle of a river of people... Why does the air smell of fear? A fluffy puppy barks bubbles, is it a flake with legs or just foam?

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