Guerras Secretas. Memorias De Un Exguerrillero De Los Setentas Que Ahora No Puede Caminar

Ciudad de México: Juan Pablos Editor, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 380p., indices, wrps. New. Item #80284
ISBN: 9786077116660

We entered, after opening cracks with our arms in a wall of scrub and thorny vines. On level ground, cushioned by many layers of leaves and branches, stood the trunks of a hundred towering trees, stones, and patches of sun. The old matting of the leaves and branches and the dense web of spiders on the ankles of the trees and on the ribs of the bushes, indicated that the human foot had never stepped on that parapet of the sierra. The span of the branches was immeasurable. They went up in a succession of roofs. The highest ones scratched the gray ribs of the clouds. Ramiro, Roque, El Tunco and I, brothers since that procession through the neighborhoods, took refuge at the vertex where the flat edge of the gorge and the stony feet of the mountain converged. From there, Perched on the nipples of some gigantic rocks in the shape of a woman's pretty breast, we admired the intense combination of limpid colors of the most smiling dawn on Earth, as the sun emerged from the green thickness that descended towards the sea. —Being captivated by these attributes of nature, I have the rope to screw up my whole life making the revolution, Ramiro said, erect as a post on top of the monumental rock of his guard position, before the chromatic flashes of dawn. In addition to the majesty of the dawn, we met a couple of jaguars that inhabited the hidden caves under the foliage of the camp (we discovered them by following the tracks of the cats). In the assemblies that we dedicated to discussing whether or not to kill them, the unanimous agreement was not to do so. "

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