Hermosillo, Sonora: Nitro/ Press (Colección Nitro Noir; 26), 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 108p., illus., wrps. New. Item #80235
ISBN: 9786078805044

As with hundreds of Mexican towns—especially those lost in the middle of the desert—if someone outside the region is asked about Bavispe, they may have heard the name before, but may not even be able to figure it out. indicate your location. And it is that to really exist in the national imagination, it would seem that many of our towns need a true bard that makes them their own, extracts from them the passions, fears, desires and beliefs of its inhabitants and makes them known with their words.

This is what Carlos René Padilla has done in the stories that make up Bavispe , a volume that collects the history, and the stories, of that small population crushed by the heat and an apparent monotony to transform them into unforgettable narratives inhabited by ghosts and living beings willing to take away our calm while reading.

Like the best composers of village corridos, Padilla makes use of a language that is often poetic and at the same time rooted in orality to narrate, through a sustained rhythm from beginning to end in each piece, a variety of rural dramas that go from the presence of ghosts in the streets to the violence of revenge carried out, from irony to the flirtation with the absurd, from love to hate, in a closed, organic and coherent universe: that of the town itself over the years.

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