Descalzar los atriles. Vanguardias literarias en Perú

Nuevo Leon: Editoria Nómada, Universidad Autónoma de Metropolitana, 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 302p., facsimiles, bibl., wrps. New. Item #80219
ISBN: 9786079906979

Barefooting the lecterns –a paraphrase of a verse by César Vallejo in his legendary Trilce– refers us to astonishment, as well as to the deautomatized, desacralizing and, therefore, irreverent language that characterized the historical avant-gardes that had their echoes in Latin America, in general. , and in a very particular way in Peru.
Under the pretext of commemorating the centenary of the irruption of the avant-garde in Latin America, authors and researchers were summoned to reflect on these aesthetic, political and ideological movements. In this vein, decentered, innovative and purposeful views were sought in the literary and cultural field.

The essays gathered in this work, in this sense, apply original and pertinent perspectives such as the concept of transcultural poetry, ecocriticism, the cross between literature and cultural history, the study of supports such as magazines, the continental surrealist framework , the avant-garde narratives –little explored–, the discourse of modernity from the periphery and the criticism of cultural imperialism that American cinematography implies, among other themes. In short, the work seeks to contribute to the literary studies around the Peruvian avant-gardes in their relationship with Latin American literatures.

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