Posverdad, populismo, pandemia

Ciudad de México: Ediciones Cal y Arena, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 250p., indices, wrps. New. Item #80168
ISBN: 9786078564712

The times we live in are different from other times. The pandemic disrupted society and the economy and of course our personal stocks. What did not change, and even to a large extent reinforced, has been the spread of post-truth, especially in socio-digital networks and, hand in hand with it, the rise of populist governments. Post-truth and populism are part of a new intolerance that has spread across the entire planet.

Post-truth is due to the difficulties to rank and authenticate the abundant information that we receive and the manipulation that some do, and others reproduce, to spur confusion, fear and fanaticism. Populism spreads thanks to the suspicion of citizens disenchanted with traditional politics, which is taken advantage of by demagogue leaders who replace institutions and supplant the people themselves. The pandemic is a biological phenomenon whose serious social consequences are made worse by the misinformation that arises in post-truth conditions.

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